Action on 23rd April 2017

On April 23rd, 11 Tanks were employed, two operating against GAVRELLE, three against ROCUX and the Chemical Works, two against MOUNT PLEASANT WOOD and the RAILWAY ARCH at H.18.d.2.1., three North of MONCHY and one South of that village.

The work of these Tanks afforded the greatest assistance to the infantry.  Many Machine Guns were silenced and destroyed, and heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy.  Five of these eleven Tanks sustained serious casualties from Armour Piercing Bullets..  The enemy’s main Anti-Tank tactics consisted in using these bullets and in concentrating artillery fire on the Tanks, which was greatly facilitated on account of the small number of Tanks employed.

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  1. Bryan Wadsworth

    My grandfather 2nd Lieut, Charles Milward Le Clair, ‘c’ Battn. Commanded C4 “Chablis” (no:503 Female). 153rd Brigade,
    The tank was one of two from 7 Coy to 8 Coy tasked to assist the capture of Gavrelle. Inn in I.7.a.2.7, then Gavrelle. Set off at 5:20am. Reached enemy positional H.5.b. Fired on by Megs in Gavrelle. it advanced on village and silenced Megs which allowed infantry to advance. MG AP bullets had penetrated the tank, wounding 6 of the crew; the tank returned to evacuate the wounded and collect more crew but was found too badly damaged to go back into action (W21).
    Six of crew were wounded. “Lieut LeClair awarded Military Cross – For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.
    Hood Battalion RND War Diary written by Arthur Asquith: Le Clair reached Roeux-Gavrelle road north the inn and turned towards the village destroy several MGs. Right flank for RND was saved.

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