Many of the tanks of C and D Companies, now in France preparing for their first action, had been named by their crews.  C Company clearly enjoyed a cocktail.

C1 – Champagne

C2 – Cognac

C3 – Chartreuse

C4 – Chablis

C5 – Crème de Menthe

C6 – Cordon Rouge

C14 – Corunna

C17 – Campania

C18 – Casa

C19 – Clan Leslie

C23 – Clan Ruthven

C24 – Clan Cameron

D1 – Daredevil

D2 – Daredevil II

D5 – Dolphin

D9 – Dolly

D11 – Die Hard

D13 – Delilah (commanded by 2Lt Sampson!)

D16 – Dracula

D17 – Dinnaken

D20 – Daphne

D21 – Delphine

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