Mk I Tank

MK 1 Credit

MK 1 Credit

The Mk 1 tank was 26 ft long, 8 ft tall and 14 ft wide including the sponsons.  There were 2 versions, a male and a female, and this designation was based upon the armament they carried.

A Male tank carried two 6 pounder (57mm) quick fire guns and three 0.303 in Hotchkiss machine guns.

A Female tank was armed with four 0.303 in Vickers machine guns and one 0.303 in Hotchkiss machine gun.

Both variants weighed approximately 28 tons although the male was a little heavier than the female.  The engine produced a whopping 105 hp which meant it had a power to weight of 3 ¾ hp per ton.  A Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank has a power to weight of 20 hp per ton.

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