A Winter of Change

Although we haven’t given you any updates for a couple of months, our predecessors weren’t as inactive 100 years ago; there was a lot of change going on in the winter of 1916/1917.

The first was the (slight) change of name from Heavy Section MGC to Heavy Branch MGC.  This better reflected the fact that, apart from in name and capbadge, the tank corps (as opposed to the Tank Corps that would appear in July 1917) was a very separate organisation and had nothing else in common with the Machine Gun Corps.

The next change was the expansion of the branch.  The original Companies were used as the basis of the new Battalions that were formed in November and December 1916 in France and in the UK.  A Battalion consisted of 3 Companies.  Plans were put in place to expand to 14 Battalions.

The final change was the appointment of Bovington as the home of the Heavy Branch (see our entry of 26 Oct 16 for more details).