3rd May 1917 – Annoying Armour Piercing Bullets

On the 3rd May, four Tanks operated with 21st Division, assembling at a position between CROISELLES and St LEGER, from which point they moved to the Sunken Road at N.35.d.4.5.10.  One of these four Tanks failed to reach the starting point, the other three went into action and became heavily engaged with the enemy’s trench mortars, rifle grenades and bombers.  Eventually one broke a track and another became ditched, while the third had to return on account of radiator trouble.

On the same day eight Tanks operated against the village of BULLECOURT.  The enemy shell fire and machine gun fire was not heavy, but annoyance was experienced from Armour Piercing Bullets.  There was practically no hostile barrage from 3.45 a.m. until 6 a.m.  The Tanks remained out for some considerable time on their objectives, and then withdrew.