How fast?


4th Army held a conference was held on 10 September, just after C Company had undertaken  a trial across parts of the old battlefield to determine the average speed for deployment. It was found to be 15 yards per minute – or just less than 1,000 yards an hour.  The Conference was attended by the Corps commanders who explained their attack plan.  This was also attended by Lt Col R W Bradley who had commanded the MMGS Depot at Bisley and was now responsible for the coordination of the two tank companies but he was unable to make any contribution.  Also there was Maj Hugh Elles, from the General HQ representing the CinC Gen Douglas Haig.  Elles was the only one to object when the III Commander, Lt Gen Poultney, directed that the four tanks supporting 47 Divisions should drive through High wood.  His objections were over-ruled.

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