Tank Tactics

On 26 June 1916 a conference was held at GHQ in France to discuss how tanks might be used in the forthcoming Battle of the Somme.  The consensus was:

In the attack carried out by Tanks, the Tanks should move forward so as to reach the German front line position at dawn followed up by our infantry which is to start forward from our line as soon as the Tanks reach the first line of the enemy; that in the further operations which will ensue by day light, Tanks should precede the infantry from place to place as quickly as possible; that the ultimate objectives of the tanks during this period should be:

  1. The German artillery positions.
  2. The German second or third lines;

That the German artillery position might be assumed at an approximation to be at a distance of 2,000 to 3,000 yards from the German front line.

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