The First Report

The committee issued its first report on Mon 28 Feb 16.  In the 16 days since its formation it had achieved a great deal.  In particular it had issued contracts for the following:

Tanks – Orders were placed for 100 tanks to be made by the Metropolitan Carriage Company (75 tanks) and Foster and Company (25 tanks(.

Engines – 120 engines were ordered from Daimler, to be ready for the end of Jun 16.

Armour Plate – Three companies were contracted to produce armour plate; Cammell Laird & Company of Sheffield, Vickers also of Sheffield, and Beardmore & Company of Glasgow.

Guns – Negotiations were made with the Royal Navy for the supply of 200 6-pounder Quick Fire guns.

Machine Guns – 400 Hotchkiss MGs were asked for.

Ammunition – 100000 rounds of 6-pounder ammo (85k HE and 15 k shot) were requested.  The HE shells were to have a lower power charge than used by the RN.  The committee anticipated great difficulties in getting the required ammunition.

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